Bed-Making: Procedure of Changing on Unoccupied Bed

There are certain practice guidelines for bed-making that nurses need to know. Bed-making is a preparation that provides a smooth, wrinkle-free bed foundation that minimizes sources of skin irritation. It also provides a clean neat environment that promotes the client's comfort.

Equipment to be used in bed-making:

- Two flat sheets or one fitted and one flat sheet
- One blanket
- One bedspread
- Pillowcase(s) for the head pillow(s)
- Plastic laundry bag or portable linen hamper (if available)
- Cloth draw sheet (optional)
- Waterproof draw sheet or waterproof pads (optional)

Note: Determine what linens the client may already have in the room to avoid stockpiling of unnecessary extra linens.

Standard Procedure for Bed-Making:

1. Wash your hands and observe other appropriate infection control procedures.
2. Check bed linens, remove anything out of bed and report of there are any items belonging to the previous client.
3. Loosen all bedding systematically, starting at the head of the bed on the far side and moving around the bed up to the head of the bed on the near side. This system prevents stretching and reaching and possible muscle strain.
4. Remove the pillowcases and place the pillows on the bedside chair near the foot of the bed.
5. Remove the used linens.
6. Remove the waterproof pad and discard it if soiled.
7. Roll all soiled linen inside the bottom sheet, hold it away from your uniform, and place it directly in the linen hamper.
8. Apply the bottom sheet and draw sheet. Place the folded bottom sheet with its center fold on the center of the bed. Make sure the sheet is hem side down for a smooth foundation.
9. Spread the sheet out over the mattress, and allow a sufficient amount of sheet at the top to tuck under the mattress.
10. Miter the sheet at the top corner on near side and tuck the sheet under the mattress, working from the head of the bed to the foot.
11. If waterproof draw sheet is used, place it over the bottom sheet so that the centerfold is at the centerline of the bed and the top and bottom edges extend from the middle of the client's back to the area of the mid-thigh or knee.
12. Move to the other side and secure the bottom linens.
13. Complete the top sheet, blanket and spread.
14. Put clean pillowcases on the pillow as required. Grasp the closed end of the pillowcase at the center with one hand. Gather up the sides of the pillowcase and place them over the hand grasping the case. Then grasp the center of one short side of the pillow through the pillowcase.
15. Place the pillows appropriately at the head of the bed.
16. Attach the signal cord so that the client can conveniently use it.
17. Place the bedside table and the over bed table so that they are available to the client.
18. Document and report pertinent data.

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