Types of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Types of Quantitative Research
There are actually two basic types of research. The one is quantitative and the other is qualitative. They have both different types but before that we will first define quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative is a type of research that involves statistical analysis and control of research conditions. It also involves collection of numerical data. Qualitative is however, involves collection of narrative data to describe natural phenomena without controlling or manipulating variables.

Types of Quantitative Research

There are mainly two (2) types of quantitative research which both have a subdivision. Experimental research divides into three (3) design while non-experimental research divides into four (4).

Experimental research

- True experimental design
It is a research study with manipulation of control of the independent variable, presence of control group and randomization of samples.
- Quasi experimental design
An intervention study that may not have a control group and/or subjects may not be randomly assigned.
- Pre-experimental design
Pre-experimental design is a type of experimental design wherein the researcher has little control over the research.

Non-experimental research

- Survey studies
Facilitate the identification of characteristics of certain population based on data gathered on certain variables.
- Correlation studies
Examine the degree of relationship between variables.
- Comparative studies
Examine the differences between groups on a specific dependent variable.
- Methodological studies
Develop, test and evaluate research instruments and methods.

Types of Qualitative Research

Phenomenological - provides an examination of human experiences as described by the people involved.
Ethnographic - involves gathering and analysis of data about a specific cultural group.
Historical - involves the gathering, evaluation and synthesis of days from the past.
Grounded theory - involves the development of a theory from collected and analyzed data.
Case study - involves an in depth analysis of a person, a group of persons or intuitions.

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